Colani's AnyFix: the world's first cellphone charging beetle

This certainly isn't the first product we've seen from legendary designer Luigi Colani. This time however, we've got the AnyFix which Colani calls the "world's first universal mobile phone charger" -- "universal" as in compatible with 80% of the phones on the European market; "world's first" (there are others) as in the world's first charger shaped like a Dytiscus Marginalis insect. Just dial-up the appropriate adapter and insert your phone into the waiting arms of the great diving beetle. Then, presumably, the AnyFix will scan and charge your phone at the appropriate power level for your phone's battery. Details are still a bit scant here but it'll be on display at CeBIT later this week where we hope to get up close and personal with the man and his mustache charger.