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Apple TV dissected

Ben Drawbaugh

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While the rest of you are out there playing with your Apple TV, we sucked it up and put ours on the line to take it apart and see what makes it tick. As expected, the Apple TV uses a standard IDE laptop hard drive, a very small internal power supply, a upgradeable removable WiFi radio, Nvidia GPU, and an indeterminate Intel processor. While we couldn't tell exactly what it was, we can guarantee that it wasn't a Core Duo or even a Pentium M ULV or the like, but there was no doubt it was an Intel. Internally it reminds us of a squished Mini and shares some of the same components. The case acts as an antenna for the WiFi and as part of a interesting ventilation system to keep things cool and quiet. The fan is suspended by some rubber feet which was giving us trouble getting them back in, until we found some good use for the floss our mother bought us for Christmas.

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