QuickerTek intros 802.11n upgrade for MacBooks and iMacs

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QuickerTek intros 802.11n upgrade for MacBooks and iMacs
It looks like those who pounced on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or iMac before Apple snuck 802.11n cards into them now have another option besides simply living with their comparatively slower WiFi innards, with QuickerTek introducing some 802.11n upgrade cards to bring the systems up to speed. Those comfortable with cracking opening their computers themselves can opt for a DIY kit that'll set you back $149, with the more faint of heart able to take advantage of QuickerTek's offer to install the card for you for the premium price of $199 (plus shipping). Obviously, you won't be able to pop one of these into your vintage Bondi Blue iMac, but they should be compatible with all modern 17, 20, and 24-inch iMacs, and all pre-802.11n MacBooks and MacBook Pros, with OS X 10.4.8 the only other requirement.

[Via MacMinute]
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