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Homebrew Xbox 360 runs Ubuntu?


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The day that we all know will eventually come could be upon us: a hacker called Cpasjuste claims to have managed to get his Xbox 360 to run unsigned code in the form of the Ubuntu OS. An AVI video coupled with a rather flimsy walkthough guide is the evidence, which, to us, looks convincing. Alright, so there is a dodgy cut near the beginning of the video, but that happens to be followed by a "patched" copy of King Kong being booted, and then a string of Linux command line text, and eventually the Ubuntu boot screen. The instructions for doing it yourself require that you own an Xbox 360 with an exploitable kernel, a flashed DVD drive, a serial adapter, a patched copy of King Kong, and a "Xell" loader and a "powerpc toolchain" -- whatever they are -- but if you've got all that and the whole thing isn't an elaborate hoax, then there's nothing else to say but the sky Microsoft's ability to patch is now the limit for homebrew on the Xbox 360. It's about friggin' time.

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