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Ben Heck's mystery product revealed to be Audio FX Pro 5+1 headset


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After teasing us for a couple of months, modder extraordinaire (and Engadget contributor) Ben Heckendorn has finally taken the wraps off his mystery commercial product, now revealed to be a gaming headset. Dubbed the Audio FX Pro 5+1, the USB (non-wireless) headset opts for an old school look but packs its share of newfangled features, including internal motors for some force feedback action, along with some virtual 5.1 surround sound. As a bonus, Ben Heck's also responsible for the product's packaging, which includes some copy you're not likely to find anywhere else ("hear the cries of dying noobs with perfect digital clarity"), not to mention some faithfully reproduced bullet holes that Ben himself created in a fit of rage inspiration. As promised, the headset also comes in at under $100 ($80, specifically), and is available for pre-order from eDimensional now, although there's no word yet on when it'll ship.

[Via Joystiq]

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