Ben Heckendorn prepping his first commercial product

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Ben Heckendorn prepping his first commercial product
While you'll still have to go the DIY route to get your hands on an Xbox 360 laptop, those pining for a Ben Heck creation of their very own will soon have a slightly easier go of it, as he's now teamed up with eDimensional Inc to bring out his first commercial product. Of course, Ben's not saying exactly what his product is just yet, only going so far as to say that it's a video game accessory and it'll cost less than $100. If you're feeling particularly prognostic about that, you can head over to eDimensional's site and enter their contest, where one lucky winner will take home the mystery accessory signed by the man himself.

P.S. -For those not already in the know, ol' Hecky is an Engadget columnist. We'd like to think that won't sway your feelings about his mystery product, though.

[Via Ben Heck, thanks Rasmus]
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