Following up on yesterday's brief glimpse into the potential fifth generation of Archos' PMP lineup, it looks like the rumor mill is reaching full tilt, as a supposed product page detailing the specifications was quickly pulled after "accidentally" hitting the net a bit before its prime. Nevertheless, GenerationMP3 was able to snag a screenshot of more details surrounding the PMPs, so here's what we know now. The 405 will supposedly accept both miniSD and micro SD cards, support MPEG2/3/4, WMV, H.264, and AAC formats, play nice with JPEG, BPM, and PNG photos, and weigh 146 grams. The 605 may end up supporting SDHC, and users could also find themselves choosing between a 30GB, 80GB, or 160GB edition. Of course, we're still taking all of this lightly until official information begins to flow, but be sure and visit the read link for a glimpse at the newly leaked information regardless.

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