Rumored specs for fifth generation Archos PMPs surface

We've already heard about some of the changes in store for Archos' fifth generation of portable media players, but we've now got some rumored specs to go along with 'em. The latest word out of France, in the form a post on the message board, is that there'll be at least four players to start with, including the Archos 105, 405, 505, and 605, which'll cost between $130 and $400. The 105 and 405 will each reportedly pack 2GB of flash memory, with the former boasting a 1.8-inch display and the latter sporting a larger 3.5-inch 320 x 240 display (and an added SD card slot). The 505 and 605, on the other hand, will each supposedly boast 40GB hard drives (with a 4GB flash drive an option on the 605), along with 4.3-inch displays (800 x 480 on the 605 and 480 x 272 on the 505). Of the lot, the 605 looks to be the only one to get integrated WiFi, and the only one with a touch screen. We're also presuming that those drive sizes (if true) are just the starting ones, given that the current generation models already top out at well over 40GB. We won't have to wait too much longer to know for sure though, as Archos' is apparently still on track to make the official announcment next week.

[Via Generation MP3]