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Bookeen set to release new Cybook E-Ink reader


Bookeen's Cybook has already been around longer than most e-book readers, and it looks like it'll soon be taking on yet another incarnation, one that finds it looking not unlike eREAD's STAReBOOK reader. Like the STAReBOOK, the new Cybook boast a 6-inch E Ink display with an 800x600 resolution and four shades of gray, and weighs in at a relatively lightweight 6.5 ounces. According to MobileRead, the latest rumor is that the Cybook will also support Open eBook, PDF, HTML, RTF, and Mobipocket document formats, along with MP3 audio, among other possible formats. While other specs are still up in the air, it looks like we won't have to wait too much longer for the complete rundown, as it's apparently set to launch in the US and Europre later this summer for about $350.

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