STAReBOOK e-book reader to hit China, US next month

We're still not sure exactly how successful this whole eBook thing will be. That said, if you believe Sony, "overwhelming demand" delayed the release of the PRS-500 until November, meaning that surely people will be rushing the streets to get their paws on an eBook. However if you don't want to wait until Sony gets its act together, you may want to check out Staretek's "STAReBOOK e-book reader," which is slated to be released for $440 in November, with two Chinese versions and one in English. MobileRead tells us that this new e-reader will bring a 6-inch SVGA 800 x 600 four-color grayscale e-ink display, 250MHz Samsung processor, 64MB SDRAM, USB 2.0, mono speaker, and it all runs on Linux 2.4.1 (including an MP3 player, apparently). If Staretek plays its cards right, it may just be able to stave off some of Sony's frustrated masses before they turn into an unruly mob.