Sony Portable Reader delayed (again) due to "overwhelming demand"

When you're looking forward to a new product from our old friend Sony these days, unfortunately, it seems that you can't really depend on playing around with said device until it's actually in your hands and you've verified that it's not some cheap knockoff. After the PS3, BDP-S1, and PRS-500 delays, you can't blame us for being a little jaded when it comes to the stated release dates from this venerable Japanese consumer electronics firm, and now it looks like the company's highly-anticipated (by us, anyway) e-book reader will once again miss its targeted shipping window. As we reported last week, the six-inch PRS-500 was set to hit stores "on or before" October 31st, yet the device's page on SonyStyle now claims that "due to overwhelming demand, new Sony Portable Reader orders will ship mid November." Translation: "You'll be lucky if you get yours in time for the holidays, even though we've had ten months to gauge demand and manufacture enough Readers for everyone." C'mon Sony, we like to spread our gadget allowance out over the whole year, but it seems that you'd rather have us blow our whole wad in November and be done with it -- well, we'll still buy all the shiny new toys that you shove in front of us, although we'll be a lot less smiley about it from now on.

[Thanks, Joshua H.]