PS3 November delay official -- other deets revealed

So, not only did we get all those PSP goodies this morn from Sony's Ken Kutaragi at a hastily called press conference, but we also received official confirmation that indeed, the PS3 will ship worldwide in November, delaying the Spring launch that we all expected. As recently as just a few weeks ago Sony had staunchly denied the delay, though, and is now laying the blame squarely at the feet of the "copyright protection" in Sony's own Blu-ray Disc next-gen format, which is now expected to be finalized by next month. Whatevs, at this point we'll just be happy to see ours land Stateside in time for the holidays. Mr. Kutagari also confirmed that at least some PS3s will feature an upgradeable 60GB disk supporting the Linux OS, support a variety of TVs, and have backward compatibility for PlayStation 1 and 2 games. Also, that rumored HUB service was confirmed, which will go by the working title of the PlayStation Network Platform, and will be free (the Basic version anyway) supporting voice/video chat, messsaging, on-line shopping, and more. While an exact price for the PS3 was not stated, a minimum price range of about $425 was announced. See, fessing to the delay wasn't so so hard now, was it Sony? Glad you finally got it over with.

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