PlayStation 3 delay meme part VIII: Dow Jones reports delays

We can't hand down the official word, but without being able to independently confirm the report, it sounds like Dow Jones has laid claim to Sony's intention to delay the PlayStation 3 until early November on account of "copy protection technology for the Blu-ray Disc has not been finalized" (this by way of noted Japanese paper Nihon Keizai Shimbun). We can't speak to whether or not this is accurate, or what, if anything, seems lost in translation, but if the NKS and Dow Jones report is accurate, then it sounds like Sony's lying right through their teeth regarding the Blu-ray delays -- we know the AACS system is no longer being held up, and they've already claimed to have the first Blu-ray devices and VAIOs out in the first half of the year. Sony, will you just freaking fess up to the delays already and get this over with? You're only digging your own hole deeper, here.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: from what we can tell from the Nikkei report tips being sent in, the delay is not necessarily due to AACS specifically, but because "the copy protection technology for the Blu-ray Disc has not been finalized." We're not entirely sure what else this could refer to but AACS since the BD plus and ROM-Mark copy protection schemes seem securely locked into place long before now. Thus, we might have to hold to our postulation that if the PS3 is officially delayed, it may be due to other issues within Sony with greater implications besides something so easy to put PR gloss on as a copy protection delay.