Sony expects first Blu-ray Vaios by midyear

While Toshiba has already announced a price and ship date for its first HD-DVD-equipped Qosmio, the G30, Sony isn't exactly sitting still. At CeBIT, the company announced that its first computers to come with Blu-ray drives, high-end Vaio desktops and laptops, would arrive toward the middle of the year. And that's it. No model names or numbers. Not even any mocked up pics of superdeluxe Vaios showing HD videos thanks to those Blu-ray drives (which wouldn't be too hard to do, given that current model Vaios, like the F TV, above, already have tuners and video capabilities). So, er, maybe Sony is kind of sitting still after all.

Update: No prototypes at the CeBIT booth but at least we learned that the new laptops are about as thick as the existing Vaio BX series, will feature HDMI ports, include a 17-inch display and ship "around September" -- is that still mid-year?