PSP gets price cut, GPS, camera, VoIP and future media download service

Looks like those GPS add-on rumors were true. Now that Ken Kutaragi's PlayStation business briefing has ended we can tell ya that a new GPS receiver (PSP-290) with game support will indeed drop this “autumn” with a new GPS-enabled Hot Shot Golf title loaded-up for first release. Sony also let fly a new USB-attached PSP-300 EyeToy camera add-on for September launch which will support a new video and VoIP chat service coming in October. Also of note is the announcement of a new digital distribution system (Hub?) allowing users to download “games and applications” directly to Memory Stick – an early use will be for downloading and playing PSone games (via new emulator) directly off your memory cards, although specifics around that service have yet to be announced. Rounding things out are the announcements that a future firmware release will bring Macromedia Flash compatibility and a new RSS Channel function to save and playback internet radio and video content. All this and the PSP base-unit price will be cut to $199 by the end of the month. Still no mention of that rumored PSP email client or integrated flash memory, but we're not gonna get greedy.

[Via Foursprung]