Sony BDP-S1 delayed again... until October 25

Ryan Block
R. Block|06.21.06

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Sony BDP-S1 delayed again... until October 25
It's delayed, it's not delayed, it's delayed -- further. That's right, Sony's BDP-S1, the Blu-ray player subject to a delayed news reaction over its quiet shove into an August launch timeframe, was today discovered to once again be pushed back, this time until late October. We can't confirm whether this release demotion is also going to affect the Japanese launch of the player, but this old song is getting pretty sad. We know Sony wants to get the player right before they push it out the door (while also protecting their margins and ensuring supply, etc.), but at this point we're going to be less than surprised if the launch date "accidentally" slips past the PlayStation 3, which Sony may stick us with in order to better to parade their big Blu-ray push around the nascent console.

[Via HD Beat, thanks, Randy and Josh]
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