Sony won't be able to meet Blu-ray demand?

In what seems like a preemptive excuses session, Sony recently mentioned that they don't think they'll be able to meet demand for Blu-ray players in the US. They blamed it on an electronic component shortage due to the high demand for cellphones of all things. We weren't aware that RAZR of ours housed a blue laser and 1080p processing power, but we're going to give it a once over just to make sure. Because of this shortage, Sony stated that their Blu-ray players are "going to be expensive," since "it will take time to get component prices down." We really could've believed a more credible excuse for player shortages and high prices, but we're not sure if we buy this whole "blame the phones" thing. The good news is that the possibility of a hybrid HD DVD and Blu-ray player was mentioned, which could save a bit of blood loss in the format war that is upon us.

[Via HD Beat]