Sony Reader PRS-500 gets launch date, price

We told you it wasn't too far off from release this morning when we showed you our hands-on shots of the device, and now Sony has made good on our promise by finally giving us a price and launch date for their Sony Reader PRS-500. Sony is bringing this one in "on or before" October 31st for $350, and is currently accepting pre-orders at their online store. It sure took them long enough, but we're glad they didn't slip on that $350 pricepoint. As for specs -- in case you haven't managed to pick them up by now -- the E Ink unit sports a 6-inch display with 170 pixels per inch of 4-level grayscale action. There's also 7,500 page turns of battery life, and while we're not quite sure we're ready to get locked into Sony's latest proprietary DRM in the form of BBeB, we're sure we can find plenty of use for unit between the other document formats supported and the repeated self-congratulating viewings of our own RSS feeds.