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Microsoft settles Xbox 360 Fall Update lawsuit


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While it still has its share of Xbox 360-related lawsuits on its hands, it looks like Microsoft can now at least rest easy about one of them, as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that the company has resolved the suit it faced over its 360-trashing Fall Update. The lawsuit had been brought by Xbox 360 user Kevin Ray, who alleged that the 2006 Fall Update had bricked his console and that Microsoft had refused to repair it. According to a motion in the case, however, Microsoft says its records showed that Ray called the company for repairs again once it extended the warranty, after which Microsoft says it shipped out a replacement console at no cost to Mr. Ray, who apparently has had no further complaints. While the terms of the settlement are confidential, the two sides have apparently agreed to settle it as an individual action and not a class action as had been proposed, leaving anyone else looking for a piece of the action out of luck.

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