Boston Acoustics TVee Two"What's that," you say, "another soundbar?" Not so, says Boston Acoustics. Their new TVee Two may look like competing products, but it's got something different: 1) it comes with a 6-inch woofer; and 2) it's stereo only. No need to carry signal to the woofer -- it's wireless. The "bar" part contains four 2.5-inch and two 0.5-inch drivers and is designed to go along with displays above 32-inches. In case you didn't guess from the stereo-only option, the offering of eight different colored grill cloths (available for just under $100 each) is the giveaway that this piece of gear is aimed more toward the style-conscious crowd than the HT one. We wonder what a stereo pair separated by 31-inches sounds like, but aren't willing to part with $715 to find out.

UPDATE: Now retails for $399.99, thanks Alison.

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