Philips SoundBar HTS8100 to simulate surround sound in one speaker

We're not entirely convinced that a singlespeaker could ever replace or even come close to simulating true 5.1 surround sound speakers, but that hasn't stopped companies from manufacturing products that try to do just that. The latest one that we've spotted is Philips' SoundBar HTS8100, a single three-foot long piece that uses "Ambisound technology" and "Smart Surround" processing, which is supposed to replace those pesky speakers that you already spent hours properly mounting in your living room. Still, Sci Fi Tech wasn't all that impressed, calling the CES booth demo "a little shill," -- but if you disagree with their assessment, the SoundBar can be yours this coming June for $1,000. Hmm, how 'bout if we told you that it has an integrated DVD player? It does.