Novac's Dolby Digital 5.1 headphones put surround sound on your dome

There's nothing quite like shoving six speakers over your ears, and while bulky these cans may be, it's still an awful lot smaller than a full home theater rig. While Wave-on just unveiled its own rendition of surround sound 'phones, Novac's upping the ante quite literally by offering up two pairs of Dolby-loving units. The Champion (HP-850XB) model rocks the more common headphones-plus-decoder-box setup, as the standalone unit accepts 3.5-millimeter stereo and coaxial / optical digital inputs, and channels the tones through a G9 connector where it hits your head. The headphones themselves sport both cinema and game modes and weigh (an admittedly hefty) 17.6-ounces. The USB-powered counterpart, dubbed Tusnami (HP-850U), was designed for PC use, and uses the internal decoder to deliver that svelte 5.1 goodness. Additionally, it sports a handy microphone for use with VoIP, voice chat, and online karaoke applications. So if you're stuck in a studio apartment, but lust after the luscious surround sound experience, the HP-850XB should run you ¥24,800 ($214), while the USB-friendly HP-850U requires just ¥12,800 ($110).

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[Via Impress]