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Acme Research cranks up the silly with "LeDoc" iPod rig


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There's certainly no shortage of solutions out there for hooking an iPod up to your TV, but Hong Kong's Acme Research nonetheless looks to have found a bit of room for some innovation, although you'll have to judge for yourself if it's an improvement or not. As you can see above, the "LeDoc" (which does appear to be a legit device, despite appearances) employs a video camera to allow for some big screen iPod-viewing, and thankfully includes a remote so your hand doesn't get in the way of the menus. On the upside, that roundabout system does at least make the dock cheaper than some other solutions, with it setting you back an even $100, although it seems you'll only be able to take advantage of it if you have a pre-2007 iPod.

[Via Gizmos]

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