DLO HomeDock Deluxe puts iPod navigation on your TV

You might have thought Apple was the only company making iPod and Mac-related product announcements lately, and Stevie J. would probably be perfectly happy to let you make that assumption. But there are still other companies making iPod accessories — at least until Apple eats their lunch with its own versions. And one accessory that might actually be worth considering is DLO's upgrade HomeDock Deluxe. The docking station works like the original HomeDock; you just place your iPod in the cradle, run some cables to your TV and/or stereo, and you can control it via the included remote while audio and video are routed to your home components. But the Deluxe adds one key feature: the ability to control your iPod directly from your TV screen. This could be especially handy if you've got a lot of video on your iPod and want to be able to easily jump from one recorded show to another — if, that is, the HomeDock Deluxe allows this. The specs only list the ability to control music and slide shows from the TV screen, and if you can't do the same for video, we'll skip this one. It's due out in March for $149.99; we're sure we'll find out more before then.

[Via I4U]