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Second steampunk laptop wants to be clockwork


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You like Steampunk, do ya? Well, looks like we've got another laptop iteration for you today, this time entitled "A Clockwork Laptop." Yeah, it's got a bunch of brass and copper fittings -- plus some gothic looking legs -- and an overall retro fantasy style that some people like and others may hate. Make sure to check out the hundred or so cogs inside a glass screen on the back of the real screen. To turn it on you even have to turn a rusty key embedded inside the thumb rest: although you'll still be booting into an anachronistic Ubuntu install if you do so. Check out s'more pics at the link below, and know that you'll never be arsed to make anything even half as impressive. Also, anyone getting a strange craving for a glass of milk after seeing this?

[Via UberReview]

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