It's not like we haven't seen 4k x 2k displays hung around on fancy show floors before, but catching one in the average home isn't something you'd expect anytime soon. That could soon be changing, however, so long as Samsung has a say in things. Reportedly, the firm's vice president for LCD sales in the Americas, Scott Birnbaum, was quoted as saying that "LCD sets are getting bigger, and increasing in resolution and quality, leading to a market similar to computers." He continued by stating that "the next wave of resolution will be 8-times the resolution of HD," suggesting that his company expects to start cranking out units that are "roughly" 4,000 x 2,000 pixels. It was also noted that Samsung has yet to lay the groundwork for a next-generation plant that could handle the feat, but it is "starting to talk about the idea with potential customers." Big screen OLED TVs? 4k x 2k displays for the home? Bring it on, Sammy.

[Thanks, gamedude420]

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