Samsung considering 11G LCD line

The contest to wear the "biggestLCDdisplay" crown (even if only for a short while) is a high stakes game indeed. LCD market leader Samsung announced plans for their 11th generation LCD production line, with the caveat that "the timing of the investment will be decided depending on the market situation." This production line is expected to meet demand for 70-inch displays (at reasonable prices), and will crank out sheets measuring 3,200 x 3,600-mm (126 x 142-inches). Only a month ago, the company announced plans to upgrade to 10G (sheets a mere 118 x 126-inches). To us, all of this sounds like the company is considering skipping 10G and going straight to 11G. Perhaps not coincidentally, a re-investment decision on the current 8G line shared with Sony has still not been reached.