Details of future generation Eee PCs from ASUS have been trickling out even before the first generation shipped. Now that sewing circle of Taiwanese component makers have whispered a few secrets in the direction of DigiTimes. We already heard directly from ASUS at CES that 7-, 8-, and 8.9-inch models are in the works. Now DigiTimes claims a "9-inch" (we'll assume that's just the 8.9-incher rounded up) and new 10-inch version is also on the way. Notably, the 9-inch versions will feature "four-wire resistive" touch-panels. Great, right? Sure, at first blush what's not to like about an Eee with a touchscreen. However, a good chunk of the Eee's appeal is its low cost even though it never quite delivered on that early $200 promise. Adding bigger displays and now, a touch-screen, is just going to drive the price higher until there's no difference between an Eee and a Wal-mart Inspiron. Still, adding touch-panel functionality is expected to add just $15 to the manufacturing cost of the device. We only hope that ASUS can refrain from milking the Eee's success dry... RAZR anyone?

[Via jkkmobile]

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