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Sony delays Skype PSP and microphone launch, indefinitely


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Weird. After making such a fuss, Sony Japan just delayed Skype on PSP services in Japan. A move with a definite knock-on effect for the rest of world. The cause of which seems to be Sony's two microphone products -- the single pack PSPJ-15010 and twin pack PSPJ-15011 -- which "did not meet the Skype specifications" and thus failed the certification process. Something you think Sony would have known well before the eve of the scheduled January 24th launch. We'll let you know when a new date is announced.

Update: This just in from Sony, "the SCEJ announcement regarding the delay of the PSP microphone peripheral and Skype service doesn't have any impact on the North American (or European) launches of Skype for PSP, which will coincide with the PSP firmware upgrade slated for the end of January." Straight from the horse, as it were.

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