Sony officially announces Skype on PSP

As if we didn't already know, Sony just spit out a press release announcing the availability of Skype on PSP courtesy of a firmware update due later this month. After the update, a Skype icon will be available under the Network menu, allowing users to create a new account or login with their existing one. Otherwise, it's Skype as usual: free calls between Skype users; SkypeOut to make calls to regular old phones; SkypeIn to receive calls on your PSP (just don't answer the phone in front of a potential mate). There is one notable caveat however: Skype will only work on the PSP-2000 (ie: PSP Slim, PSP Lite, PSP Petite). We're not sure if there's a hardware limitation preventing the original PSP from using the service but our best guess is that whatever microphone attachment is released may not be compatible with the older model. Also, no word if Skype functionality will be enabled in-game. More as we hear it, folks.