Dare we say it, the tide is turning. With some hot numbers projected for 2008, the PS3 is seeing a lot of wins lately, most notably that little format-war scuffle you may have heard about. Now that we've (finally) got wind of a release date for the DualShock 3, and an SKU that includes MGS4 sweetening the deal, the still-pricey PS3 is looking mighty alluring. So, what's your story, what's it going to take?

What's it going to take to make you buy a PS3?
I already own one, so I guess I'm ahead of the curve. Suckers.17826 (26.2%)
The Blu-ray win settled it, just trying to clear space on a few credit cards.3616 (5.3%)
I'm going to need a couple more rounds of price cuts. $299, anyone?20921 (30.7%)
Release some of those blockbusters they've been promising (MGS4, LBP, GT5P) and I'm sold.5945 (8.7%)
Just holding out for the DualShock 3 SKU, should've been there from day one!2024 (3.0%)
I think the box will need to slim down a bit before I can squeeze it into my home theater.3134 (4.6%)
I've chosen another side in this war, and I'm sticking to it. Probably.6997 (10.3%)
You couldn't pay me to own a PS3. But seriously, how much are we talking here?7701 (11.3%)

Engadget HD Podcast 074 - 02.27.2008