EA bets PS3 will best Xbox 360 sales in 2008

Hold onto your lunch, we're looking at quite the turnaround in fortunes for the PS3 if EA's sales predictions for 2008 hold true. With a hot new SKU on the shelves, an unlikely Halo killer, strong market share in Europe and that profitability milestone crossed, the PS3 is looking at its best shot at greatness since it landed. At least EA and Sony seem to think so. Sony has been naturally bullish about its latest "10 year life cycle" console, but now EA is jumping on board, predicting the box will sell between 9.5 million and 11.5 million units this year, compared to 6 million to 8 million for Microsoft's Xbox 360. Most of that margin is expected to be found in Europe, to the tune of 5 million or so over the 360. Of course, there's one more factor here: EA predicts between 12 million and 14 million in Wii sales -- better luck next time, guys.

[Via Joystiq]