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Dell's leaked Latitude E6000 and E5000-series of laptops pack GPS, DisplayPort, WWAN, UWB and much more

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy

Our week o' Dell scoops continues with what Dell calls its "mainstream" and "essential" series of Latitude E-series laptops. While the enterprise-ready, mainstream series packs just about everything (and more) that you could hope for in a balanced spec-for-size lappie, the essential series is only essential if you're on a tight budget and just can't live without the comparatively low-end chub. The 15.4-inch E6500 and 14.1-inch E6400 models will replace Dell's D830 and D630 whereas the "essential" 15.4-inch E5500 and 14.1-inch E5400 carry on the low-end tradition of Dell's D531 and D530. With any luck, these will be Dell's first Montevina / Centrino 2 class machines if they all hit the targeted June release date as planned. AMD fans will see the E5500a and E5400a configurations at about the same time. So what can you expect under the hood? Well, just look at the 5.1-pound E6500 which reads like a suit's, geek fantasy:
  • UWB, Bluetooth 2.1, mobile broadband
  • Integrated GPS, yes GPS
  • New 84WHr slice batteries for "all day" computing
  • LED backlighting, 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, discrete nVIDIA graphics and DisplayPort out
  • Hard, Hybrid, and Solid State disk drive options with eSATA jack for more
  • Optional camera and mic
  • Plenty of security options including contact-less smart cards and encrypted hard disks
Time to pad those budgets a bit, eh CIOs? Full low-down in the gallery below.