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Sharp-branded Willcom D4 MID gets examined, shown off on video


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Willcom's Atom-based D4 MID has been out and about for a little while now, but the folks at Direct From Japan have now thankfully gotten their hands on a Sharp-branded version of the device and offered up some of their initial impressions by way of UMPC Portal, along with a video. On the upside, they say that size and weight of the device is "perfect for a big pocket," and that the screen quality and pixel density is "amazing." They also seem to have been particularly impressed by the dock, which'll let you charge a second battery, and by the device's rather unique touchpad on the side of the screen. They were less impressed by the hefty $1,200+ price tag (or more when you factor in the optional dock), however, and by the small keyboard, though we doubt many were expecting anything otherwise there. Those outside of Japan also won't be able to do much with the included W-SIM card but, if you're still curious about the device, you can check out the video after the break.

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