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Intel getting ready to release Moblin source, working on Moblin 2

Nilay Patel

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Intel's got big plans for Moblin, that Linux-based "core stack" that's being optimized for all sort of mobile devices, from MIDs to carputers, and a big part of those plans is letting the community play a part in its development -- the company is just about to release the source for the first version of Moblin, with an alpha-level release of Moblin 2 to follow. Intel says its focus right now is decidedly on Atom, but that it's looking forward to seeing the community drive Moblin in other directions. There's no word on what Moblin 2 will offer, but it sounds like Intel is hoping that by getting Moblin out in the open, it'll become a de facto standard. Not a bad idea, but we'll see how it goes.

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