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Intel working on Linux car-computing initiative

We've been hearing about in-car computing forever, it seems, but it looks like the concept might finally be taking off: Microsoft is busy with Auto, there's a proposed .car TLD, BMW is working on in-car internet access, and now Intel is looking to smart up your ride with a vehicle-oriented version of its Moblin OS. The Linux-based system will run on -- what else? -- Atom processors, and carmakers are expected to use it to control everything from in-car systems to nav and multimedia functions. What's more, third-party developers will be able to build apps and services for the platform, in contrast to the mostly-closed systems being proffered by competitors. That's pretty cool, but let's hope there's some virtualization going on between the userspace and the in-car systems controller -- we're not exactly ready to run Firefox on the same machine that's in charge of the brakes.

[Image is of that Atari-fied 1979 Buick Riveria]