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Dell E-series netbooks to include 10-incher? Today we hope to find out.


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It's time for more Dell E-series netbook rumors, you ready? According to DigiTimes and its industry sources, Compal Electronics is slapping together both 8.9-inch and 10-inch E-series netbooks for Dell. Previously, we've only heard mention of an 8.9-inch E and 12.1-inch E Slim. The 10-inch E is scheduled for an October product launch while the 8.9-incher was previously rumored for August. Interestingly, Dell expects the 10-incher to experience almost twice the demand of the 8.9-inch model (assuming a sole-source manufacturing deal) based on Compal's monthly production estimates of 400k-450k and 250k units, respectively. There's a Dell press event later on today where we might just bring all these Dell netbook rumors to rest. Stay tuned, as they say.

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