This morning you saw what a 9.9-mm thin LCD from Sony looks like. Now it's Philips' turn to drop jaw. Albeit just a concept compared to Sony's ZX1 soon to be production TV, this 8-mm thin, 32-inch LCD with LED backlighting is done with the engineering and now waits for the suits to bring it to market. Two thin strips of Philips' own LumiLEDs -- 30 on top and 30 on the bottom -- are the secret sauce to this thin, Full HD mixture. According to Philips' "Senior Scientist," Dr. Giovanni Cennini, this 8-mm design will scale to panel sizes of 42-inches and probably higher. Better yet, these are the same panels Philips already uses, no extra tweaking required. So it's your move corporate, we're all waiting.

Philips' 8mm thin LCD turns the screws on Sony

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Philips' 8mm thin 32-inch LCD turns the screws on Sony