With HTC's Opal will come an entirely new flavor of TouchFLO, so it seems, with leaks of the updated skin already leaking out onto -- you guessed it -- xda-developers. The name "TouchFLO 2D" is being thrown around on the interwebs, and as the name implies, the package looks like a flattened version of the TouchFLO 3D we're now well acquainted with that's presumably been optimized for use on devices with lower resolutions, meeker processors, or a combination of the two. That makes it a prime candidate for adaptation to older phones, of course, and that's where the whiz kids at xda-devs come into play: without so much as an official reveal on HTC's part, it's already been verified for use on a who's who of handsets from the past couple years ranging from the original Touch to the TyTN II and pretty much everything in between. As usual, proceed with caution -- but if you take the plunge, do let us know how it treats you, alright?

[Thanks, Ivan F.]