HTC P4550 "Kaiser" gets name, meet the HTC TyTN II

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The GCF (Global Certification Forum for GSM and UMTS devices) has just approved the naming for HTC's upcoming flagship monster: the handset formerly known as Kaiser. OK, the naming is just getting silly with HTC devices, with the P4550 -- a.k.a. Kaiser -- now getting an extra a.k.a. thrown in as the HTC TyTN II. Sure, the name does make sense as it really just improves on the TyTN we all know and love, but we're thinking the Kaiser or P4550 was just fine. Also mentioned are a few carrier branded names to further muddy the waters with the Vodafone 1615, SFRv1615, the Swisscom XPA1615, and the rumored AT&T 8925 as examples. Manager of handset naming conventions over at HTC seriously has to get off the heavy caffeine doses as his twitchiness is making our heads spin over here.

[Via the::unwired]
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