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Toshiba gets official with Portege R600 ultraportable

Darren Murph

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We'd say it's a pretty terrible day for Toshiba to launch new laptops and expect anyone to pay attention, but we suspect that's glaringly obvious. Continuing on in its launch of new and / or revamped machines today, the Portégé R600 has been hammered down as official. The unit tips the scales at 2.4-pounds and measures in at just 0.77-inches thin while including a built-in DVD burner. You'll also find a currently undisclosed CPU (the mystery! the suspense!), a LED-backlit display, a 128GB SSD and a USB Sleep-and-Charge / eSATA combo port. Toshiba should be updated its site here shortly with full customization options, but for now, just know that this beauty will get going at $2,099.

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