While we were led to believe that Nanovision's MIMO line of diminutive LCDs would be stuck in South Korea for the foreseeable future, it appears that a trio of 'em are now shipping to North America. While not christened with any SideShow labeling, this 7-inch UM-710 mini monitor was designed to operate alongside your laptop and / or desktop monitor in order to give you more space for those little-but-necessary applications. Critics at Technabob were quite fond of the 800 x 480 display, noting that it was perfectly clear, incredibly useful and darn near impossible to live without after a solid hour of usage. Setup was relatively painless with Windows Vista, and OS X drivers (for Intel-based Macs, that is) were said to be bundled in as well. Sure, we'd prefer the $129.99 price tag to be a little lower, but if you can't stand to lug around a low-end 17-incher, this might not be a bad travel companion.