Nanovision's MIMO 7-inch displays are strangely cute, sort of useful

They're not much more useful or cost efficient than a second or third regular-sized display, but Korean company Nanovision's soon-to-be-released 7-inch mini-LCDs -- model-named MIMO -- are novel, and probably a bit more convenient to hook up thanks to a USB interface. Two models will hit the streets of Korea in just a couple of days, and they both work in either landscape or portrait mode at 800 x 480. The UM-750 (???183,000 or $152), has a webcam, touchscreen, and TV tuner, but its feature-challenged brother the UM-710 (???98,000 or $81) doesn't. Unfortunately, they're only planned for Korea at the moment, so everyone else will have to consider a smaller but considerably less adorable alternative.

[Via Technabob; Thanks, Tom M]