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Qualcomm shows off Snapdragon-based netbook / tablet concept


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It's already doubled the power of its SnapDragon platform with a new dual-core processor, but it looks like Qualcomm is now really making a push to take on Intel in the netbook / MID space, with it recently showing off a seemingly fully-functional concept device. As you can see above, the device is a convertible tablet, which should surely make Intel's head spin, as will the fact that it is running a curiously familiar-looking OS. Being a concept, however, Qualcomm isn't offering too many specifics just yet, although it does say that devices like this one should last for four to six hours on a single charge, and that the first batch of devices based on the platform (but not necessarily this device) should be available sometime next year, with twelve different companies having already signed up to build devices.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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