Intel shares its internal netbook and MID definitions

The definitions for netbooks and MIDs, and the distinctions between the two (and regular laptops, for that matter), have always been more than a little nebulous, but it looks like Intel is doing its part to clarify things a bit (for itself, at least), and it's now sharing its internal definitions for the categories with the general public. According to jkOnTheRun, Intel sees netbooks as "clamshell notebooks" with 7-inch to 10.2-inch screens that are "purpose built for Internet use." MIDs, on the other hand, are "pocketable devices" with 4-inch to 7-inch screens, which can also be clamshell devices, or come in slider or tablet form, each of which must also be built specifically for "internet-based targeted usages." In related, confusion-inducing news, Intel also says that it expects to see an increasing number of specialized MIDs that focus on more narrow uses like navigation, entertainment or, yes, even gaming.