We didn't notice nearly as much crap at CES 2009 as we did last year, but what we did see was pretty stunning in its mediocrity -- and then there was the amazing Dragon gamepad, which in our opinion was single best product of the show. Pick your favorite of the contenders below, then hit your local dollar store to see 'em in person.
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Crapgadget Crapdown, CES: the best of the worst

The nominees:
Crapgadget CES, round 1: Elvis Presley Plug 'n Sing
Crapgadget CES, round 2: Stereo Bluetooth Sunglasses
Crapgadget CES, round 3: The iCap
Crapgadget CES, round 4: kinetic energy charger
Awesomegadget CES: Dragon Fire Breather
Crapgadget CES, round 6: New Generation Video Game System
Crapgadget CES, round 7: the furry phone
Crapgadget CES, round 8: Remote Control Cooler
Crapgadget CES, round 9: pimped Segway KIRF
Coby's MP836 hands-on

Crapgadget Crapdown, CES 2009
Elvis Presley Plug 'n Sing1177 (10.8%)
Stereo Bluetooth Sunglasses301 (2.8%)
The iCap1202 (11.1%)
Kinetic Energy Charger1043 (9.6%)
Dragon Fire Breather gamepad2205 (20.3%)
New Generation Video Game System1381 (12.7%)
The furry phone1858 (17.1%)
Remote Control Cooler569 (5.2%)
Pimped Segway KIRF604 (5.6%)
Coby MP836509 (4.7%)