Coby's MP836 hands-on

It looks like the plush gray carpet in the Coby booth at CES isn't the only thing that might make you stumble. Coby's flagship PMP here at CES is the MP836, and it's safe to say it rubbed us the wrong way. The device itself wasn't that horrible to look at, but the interface and general aesthetics were both major turnoffs. It'll be available in 4, 8, and 16GB variations when it does eventually hit the marketplace, but we couldn't get a solid MSRP from the booth staff. Be sure to check out our vids of the device in action and the gallery as well.

Update: Coby called to let us know that the MP836 we saw was actually a pre-production model, and the hardware and software were still being tweaked, which likely explains the glitching we see in those videos.