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Eee PCs rumored to ship with Moblin in October, Chrome OS on the horizon


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How about a minor spy story to kick-start your weekend? According to our man Sascha at, a "safe source" who shall remain nameless but who most certainly has ties to Stasi (or, at the very least, owns a trench coat) has divulged some choice nuggets: The first Eee PC pre-installed with the open source OS will hit the market in October, and the company is currently considering the possibility of making this an option for all its notebooks at some point in the near future. And if that weren't enough to stoke your dreams of an Operating System Renaissance, the company is also reportedly working "closely together" with Google to deploy the Chrome OS on its machines at some point in the not-too-distant future. All rumors and innuendo, sure, but interesting -- and, as we've seen the company play with Moblin in the past, certainly not a shocker. As always, we'll keep our ears to the ground, and we'll keep you posted.

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