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Art Lebedev's Rozetkus 3D socket concept gives you five plugs where once there was one

Tim Stevens

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We're getting ever closer to wireless power, but without a doubt have many years of life with plugs ahead of us. It's a drag, but fancy concept receptacles help to make our tethered existences slightly more interesting. The UK Folding Plug concept wowed us over the summer, and Art Lebedev's Rozetkus power strip from a few years ago was great, but now his studio is taking us to a new dimension with the Rozetkus 3D socket. It looks like an unassuming and soothingly blue socket but, push the little button above, and it pops out like a Lemarchand box with openings (and, possibly, eternal damnation) on each face. No word on a possible release, but we're guessing manufacturers foreign and domestic are flooding Art's inbox right this very moment.

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