Rozetkus power strip just made yours look lame

Heck. Yes. Sure, we might have absolutely zero use for a powerstrip chock full of CEE 7/16 europlugs, but we just chucked all our current powerstrips out of our 4th story windows anyways -- even those cute little PowerSquid units can't compete. The new Rozetkus strip comes to us courtesy of those Art Lebedev design crazies responsible for the Optimus line, which has had us drooling for years. Of course, there's no word on any production plans for this unit, and a US version seems quite out of the question given the basic design idea of 12 low-power plugs pluggable in any configuration you see fitting. Oh, Art Lebedev, you taunt us so! One quick note before we split to remedy our newfound powerstrip situation: Lebedev would like all of you geometrically disinclined folks out there to know that these plugs don't work diagonally. You never can be too careful.